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Company Profile
Operating from China / Hubei / Wuhan, we, Wuhan Human Union Technology Company work on various processes to cater customers in every possible way. We are located in the economic development zone, Dongxihu Area,Wuhan City, China. As a research oriented manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Fine Chemicals ,we have established a long-term and stable cooperation with the Industrial Technology Research Institute- WESTI (The Membership of National Science Alliance ). With independent R&D buildings and powerful innovation system, we are focusing on researching & developing and optimizing & manufacturing optimal Fine Chemicals by using relevant technology and equipment.

We provide optimum solutions for the modern paper industry which are very economical, efficient and absolutely environmentally-friendly. The entity is a comprehensive corporation which incorporates fine chemicals research and development, design, exploit, manufacture, sale and service.

We are engaged in introducing and developing advanced technology as well as manufacturing & operating chemical raw materials in many different countries. Our diversified and innovative products, technology and equipment can provide Fine Chemicals and perfect technical schemes for pulp & paper, textile printing & dyeing, water treatment, petrochemical, power and other industries.

Product Range

Our aim is to attain 100% customer satisfaction through our streamlined business operation. We have a large production department with a capability to produce more than 20,00,000 tons of products every month. Moreover, we also have a large quality control division that helps to evaluate all our product range from the detailing.

  • Chemicals for Packaging, Cultural Paper, Newsprint & Specialty Paper
    • Bactericide
      • Organic-Bromine Bactericide
      • High-Speed Bactericide
    • Defoamer
      • Fatty Alcohol Defoamer
      • Polyether Foam Inhibitor
      • Defoamer for Pulping
    • Retention Aid
      • Detention Aid
      • Drainage Aid
    • Cleaning Agent
      • System Dis-incrustant (Acidity) (Alkalinity)
      • Polyester forming Fabric Detergent
      • Polyester forming Cleaning Agent
      • Dryer Fabric Detergent
      • Press Felt Cleaning Agent (Organic Acidity)(Neutral) (Alkalinity) (Acidity)
    • Drying Cylinder Release Agent
    • Anion Capture Agent
    • Deposit Control Agent
    • Anion Capture Agent
    • Enzyme for Paper Filtration Water
    • Fixing Agents
    • Stickies Control Agents
    • Water-Proofing Agent
    • Surface Sizing Agent
    • Dry Strength Agent
  • Creping Aids for Household Paper Making
    • Release Agent for Drying Cylinder
      • Hc-5618 (High-Speed Tissue Paper Machine)
      • Hc-5617 (High-Speed Tissue Paper Machine)
    • Adhesive Agent for Yankee Dryer Coating
    • Modifier for Yankee Dryer Coating
    • Softener
    • Dispersing Agent Bm5313
    • Pitch Control Agent
    • Paper Additive
  • Sewage Treatment Chemicals
    • Germicide And Algicide
    • (Organic-bromine) Bactericide for Water Treatment
    • Defoamer for Sewage Treatment 
    • Flocculating Agent
    • Anti- sludging Agent
    Primary Competitive Advantages

    We are dedicated to serve our customers with passion and best possible ways. We aim for cent percent customer satisfaction and do this through assured quality, timely delivery and exceptional customer service. Some of the defining features of our business are as follows:

    • We have business philosophy to cultivate technical talents and establish faithful company brand.
    • Our primary functionality is to increase productivity and minimize production cost through R&D and innovative product development.
    • We provide high quality professional technical support and help in building an excellent resource sharing.
    • We work on ethical business principle. That is to say we work on development on society, not just looking at our business profits.
    • We continually work on our R&D and pursue excellence in business and technology.